Children Ministries

Sunday School (three year olds-through 5th grade)


Our prayer is that our children's Sunday School experience carries over into their daily lives. We want what they learn and experience in Sunday School to help develop a "way of life" for them where Jesus is the center of that life.

Highlights of children's experience in Sunday School include:
*answering important questions from the Bible
*applying that answer to their daily lives
*memorizing scripture while understanding daily applications
*bible stories that help children put God's story all together
*and curriculum that makes Bible learning fun.

The kids participate in Sunday School programs designed to get REAL.

R - Relational: Because interaction enhances learning and builds friendships.
E - Experiental: Because what we experience sticks with us 9x longer than what we hear or read.
A - Applicable: Because we want the lessons learned to show up in our kids lives.
L - Learner Based: Because all of learn better when lessons are presented in a way that makes sense to us.

For more information about the children's program at CUMC or to hear about a typical class, contact Ardith Ray 580-237-3938.

Acolyte Program

The acolyte program is for young people in grade three and older. Acolytes are a very important part of our traditional worship service as they complete the lighting and extinguishing of the candles. Children interested in becoming an Acolyte, should contact Pastor Domnick to arrange a training session.



Summer Fun

Vacation Bible School IS COMING!

Each summer CUMC hosts a Vacation Bible School program open to all kids ages 3-12. VBS always incorporates music, crafts, games, and bible lessons and is a high energy experience that kids love. Stay tuned to our News & Announcements page to learn the theme and dates for this year's VBS!  CALL US at 580-237-3938 for details!


Summer Camp at Camp Canyon

Students in grades 1-6 are also invited to attend summer camp at the United Methodist Camp, Canyon Camp. Younger students experience the fun of camp in just 2-3 days while older students can spend an entire week at Canyon surrounded by natural beauty and having lots of fun. Click here for dates and details on camps for all ages happening this summer.